plus 100 more Ethereum .COM & matching .ETH Domain Names to develop as a community

I own over 100 Ethereum .com and .eth premium generic, segment defining domain names. The average 9 letter .com sells for $23,495 ( source - NamePros com) suggesting a retail value in the millions. Of course I will reduce my value in exchange for Moloch DAO shares, because I know they will increase the value of Moloch DAO shares, as each is developed over time. Ameen has agreed to sponsor me as a member. I would like your opinion on what is a reasonable amount of Moloch DAO shares to request in exchange for this portfolio of domain names. Please don’t low ball; how much would you value them at, if it was your portfolio, taking into account Moloch DAO’s available resources, and the obvious up side upon development?

Ethereum2 io

EthereumTwo com EthereumTwo eth

FundEthereum com FundEthereum eth

MixEthereum com MixEthereum eth MixEther eth

EthATMs com EthATMs eth

ValidChains com ValidChains eth

MerkleProofs com MerkleProofs eth MerkleProof eth

ColdEth com ColdEth eth

EthereumRent com EthereumRent eth

Selfexecute com SelfExecute eth

PlasmaBlocks com PlasmaBlocks eth

PlasmaValidator com PlasmaValidator eth

PlasmaOperator com PlasmaOperator eth

PlasmaApps com PlasmaApps eth

ExchangeDecentral com ExchangeDecentral eth

FinanceDecentral com FinanceDecentral eth

LiquidEthereum com LiquidEthereum eth

FastWithdrawls com Withdrawls eth

ProofsOfWork com ProofsOfWork eth

ProofsOfStake com ProofsOfStake eth

UniversalTuring com UniversalTuring eth

EthereumTuring com EthereumTuring eth

TrustDistributed com TrustDistributed eth

PlasmaExit com PlasmaExit eth

PlazmaCoin com PlazmaCoin eth

PlasmaCache com PlasmaCache eth

DebitPlasma com DebitPlasma eth

PlasmaStake com PlasmaStake eth

ValidatorManager com ValidatorManager eth

FrontRuns com FrontRuns eth

NodeEth com] NodeEth eth

EthLiquidIndex com EthLiquidIndex eth EthereumLiquidIndex eth

Predicators com Predicators eth Predicator eth

PredicateContract com PredicateContract eth

EtherPlasma com EtherPlasma eth

TrustEthereum com TrustEthereum eth

HoldingEthereum com HoldingEthereum eth

EthereumWebAssemblies com EthereumWebAssembly eth

ContractScripts com ContractScripts eth

QuadraticVote com QuadraticVote eth

DecentralDataBase com DecentralData eth

SHA256Hash com SHA256Hash eth

PeerFunders com PeerFunders eth

P2PTrades com P2PTrades eth

StatelessSwap com StatelessSwap eth

StatelessSwaps com StatelessSwaps eth

FrontRuns com FrontRuns eth

TrustETF com TrustETF.eth ETFTrust eth

DistributedMine com DistributedMine eth

DistributedBlockchains com DistributedBlockchains eth

CryptoCurrencyExchangeAssociation com

AlgorithmTrades com AlgorithmTrades eth

[CashPlasma com] CashPlasma eth

ExchangePlasma com ExchangePlasma eth

CryptoDoggies com CryptoDoggie eth

PlasmaChains com

ShardChains eth

IncomeFund eth

EquitySwap eth

BeaconChains com


EthereumUSB com

ETFethereum com

ETFether com

ClassicEthereums com

ChainChild com


Etheriun com

ERCTwenty com

ERC1400 com ERC-1400 com

Plus any others at WorldsFinancialCenter com that you think might add value.

I think around 900 to 1000 shares is a bargain, not to go beyond Vitalik’s contribution; I see this as a huge discount and an opportunity for growth! If you have any questions or comments, leave them here or email me @

How many shares are they worth?