Funding ECH's note taking efforts

The Ethereum Cat Herders have been handling the note taking for the Eth1, (some) Eth2 and ECH calls. These notes provide value in a few different ways:

  1. They provide transparency for the calls by making a full transcript available alongside the livestream. Notes are easier to skim and search in than the livestream recordings for both core developers that cannot attend each call as well as the broader community.
  2. They include a summary of key decision and action items. Again, this helps the community stay up to date with the decisions taken in these calls without investing hours listening to their entirety. Here are some examples: Eth1, Eth2.

The Cat Herders have contributed to the note taking by both finding volunteers and assigning them calls to take notes for as well as providing payment to the note takers.

Up to now, our Gitcoin donations were funding this work, but we are currently running out of them.

The ECH would need the following amounts to fund the notes for 1 year:

  • 100 DAI * 25 AllCoreDevs calls = 2500 DAI
  • 100 DAI * 25 Eth2 calls = 2500 DAI
  • 50 DAI * 25 ECH calls = 1250 DAI
  • Total: ~6250 DAI

Some of the Eth2 calls have independent funding and the Cat Herders are currently looking into what the exact situation is there.

This thread is meant to kickoff the conversation about how to get fundings for these notes. Specifically, what % would Moloch consider funding.

My personal opinion is that having some non-Moloch/EF/ConsenSys orgs helping to fund this would be valuable given that the amounts are relatively small and the opportunity costs of capital for Moloch, the EF and ConsenSys.

Shameless plug for anyone reading who wants to make a one-off donation, the Cat Herder’s multisig is 0x68085e7f88e90fa9247489c83fab30b177ebccb3