How to launch a DAO

Think you have what it takes to launch a DAO? Let’s find out.

Before we get into the HOW of launching a DAO, let’s explore the WHY and the expectations of coordinating one.

What DAOs are great for…

  1. Coordinating funding for community purposes
  2. Bringing awareness and rallying community support for topics and causes
  3. Enabling high signal discussion and other activities via skin the game

There are many more points but these are just a few motivating reasons to launch a DAO.

What to expect when launching a DAO?

tldr; Dealing with a lot of humans and a shit ton of coordination.

  • Expect to do a lot of communicating, recruiting and selling (fundraising / getting people to join the DAO, convincing people to do work, convincing people to agree on funding proposals, writing blog posts etc.)

  • Expect to do a lot of operations and coordinating tasks (running meetings, making sure people turn up to meetings, etc.)

  • Expect chaos.

What helps to run a DAO?

  • Domain area expertise
  • Fundraising experience
  • Leadership and coordination experience
  • A good network/reputation in the community

Steps to launch a DAO

These are some common initial setup tasks that usually need to be completed to launch a DAO.

  1. Have an idea/meme for a DAO

  2. Decide on name

  3. Get twitter account for the DAO

  4. Get logo (any random meme for now works)

  5. Write an initial launch article that communicates the vision for the DAO…
    a. Define the area and scope of what work the DAO wants to fund /incentivize
    b. Specific areas that lack funding
    c. Specific areas that lack work
    d. Outline the initial pieces of work that the DAO can fund and support

  6. Decide on the deployment configurations for the DAO - learn about them here

  1. Once, the configurations have been decided on, deploy the DAO contract here using DAOHaus, Moloch DAO contract factory

  2. Deploy the front end for the DAO using Pocket Moloch. If you aren’t a dev, but have completed all the tasks up to step 8 - we then can see if we can find someone out there to help you deploy it.

  1. Setup a process for potential members of the DAO to pledge. MetaCartel DAO has a discourse forum and it uses a thread for people to post membership proposals - check it out.

  2. Once you have the founding pledges in, setup the first DAO video call / meeting and begin bountying or funding work.

Support and other help

If you struggle or would like help with the human coordination side of things, DM my twitter - happy to provide my thoughts and personal advice on how to proceed.