Introducing Moloch protocl to Chinese users

Hi everyone, I used both Aragon and Moloch v2 recently, and think Moloch is very simple and intuitive to use. I wanted to build a UI in Chinese and introduce Moloch protocol to the Chinese market. This Chinese people living under the authoritarian regime is undersrviced by this type of autonomous organisational structure, and there are millions of crypto/blockchain user in China. Please connect with me if you are interested in this efforts. cheers

Hello @jetli - great to hear about your interest in spreading Moloch and allowing it to serve those who need the technology the most.

Instead of building a UI from scratch, have you considered adding a feature to this currently maintained Moloch implementation, Pokemol (, to provide internationalization with a Chinese language option?

The lead developer is @oovg

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Thanks yalda, I shall take a look!