MGP: Burn Signal PoC -- a general purpose signaling mechanism for the Ethereum community

Howdy Molochians! :cowboy_hat_face: tips hat

On behalf of the team of contributors at Burn Signal, I’d like to request feedback on this Moloch Grant Proposal:

We have started building a general purpose signaling application for the Ethereum community and would like to request your help in funding development of the PoC version of the application that will be provide a clean signal of the ethereum community’s preference for ProgPow.

We are seeking someone to champion the proposal.

Please let us know if you have any questions. I am @auryn_macmillan on Twitter and Telegram, my DMs are open and I am always happy to chat or answer any questions you have about this.


Project Lead @BurnSignal

Just a quick update.
Here is the latest prototype for the PoC version of our dapp that we hope to fund with this grant.