MGP: Coordinated ETH 2.0 Marketing Campaign. Funding to start a long-term strategic partnership with one of the Big Four Marketing Agencies

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1. Summary


The hype around Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies were mainly driven by speculation. Relying solely on future price increases will not drive more users to this ecosystem – consumer centric use cases and marketing campaigns will.

Deepblue networks AG is an agency for developing digital products, brands and campaigns. We are part of the WPP group (

We believe that in the next phase of cryptocurrency adoption the Ethereum ecosystem needs to focus on consumers. During the last years the main priority was to find new developers and talent. If you take a closer look at the current user base, there is no DApp which manages to get more than 2k daily active users (Crypto Kitties peaked at 14,000 daily active users).

With the goal of bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream audience we are convinced that this ecosystem needs a long-term strategic partner with a proven track record and references, as well as an existing network of clients.

The first proposal seeks funding ($27,000 = 175 shares) to grant deepblue networks AG the start of a partnership with the MolochDAO.


2. Agency & References


Part of WPP network (

Founded in 2001

140 employees from over 10 countries

€14 mio revenue

Clients: Bosch, CEBIT, Osram, Vodafone, Unilever, Migros


Osram: App + Marketing Campaign

For Osram deepblue developed the Lightelligence platform – an innovative IoT technology und state-of-the-art user experience.

Bosch: App + Marketing Campaign

Together with Bosch, deepblue developed the mobile app of the TDL (Transport Data Logger). A tracking device for the B2B logistics industry. This will make the entire supply chain transparent and any resulting damages in transit becomes comprehensible.

Migros: App + Marketing Campaign

Since 2011 we have been serving the Swiss retail giant Migros. In addition to the implementation of digital marketing campaigns for the umbrella brand, our work focuses on strategic consulting and designing digital products. We are responsible for the Migros App, the central service and loyalty platform, which is highly integrated with the cumulus loyalty program and is the most

eSports: Marketing Campaign

Since 2016 deepblue networks has its own eSports unit. The aim was to establish the new unit as a point of contact for WPP agencies. We successfully helped our clients entering the eSports world with sponsorings at the ESL ONE, Gamescom and creating own formats for gamers.


3. Scope of Work & Costs


When starting out with a new client, we do a workshop together. This workshop allows us to get an understanding of the clients’ goals, problems and past activities.

After the workshop our strategy department will create a strategic concept. This concept includes: brand positioning, identification of new touchpoints, identification of a new use case, estimated costs of development of this use case, guidelines of marketing measures incl. costs, two key visuals.

From there on the MolochDAO can decide if deepblue networks AG or another agency will execute those measures.

Daily rates 8h (incl. 19% VAT)
Level A $1.260,00
Level B $1.010,00
Workshop Work Hours Sum
Account Director 8 $1.260,00
Account Manager 20 $2.525,00
Strategy 20 $2.525,00
TOTAL 48 $6.310,00
Concept Work Hours Sum
Account Manager 20 $3.150,00
Concept 50 $6.312,50
Strategy 50 $6.312,50
TOTAL 120 $15.775,00
Total Work Sum
Sum $22.085,00
Travel Cost + Volatity Hedge* $5.000,00

*Travel Costs + Volatility Hedge Shares which are left will be donated to the Moloch Pool.

  • Total 175 Shares $27.085,00

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