MGP: Deep DAO Analytics


Continuing development of Deep DAO. Deep DAO’s mission is to explore, rank and analyze all DAOs in several dimensions. This includes DAOs created on one of the four major platforms ( :japanese_ogre: Moloch, DAOstack, Aragon and Colony), as well as those created for specific needs such as The LAO, MakerDAO, and Nexus Mutual. In simple terms, Deep DAO is to DAOs what CoinMarketCap is to tokens: a place to check rankings, financial and governance analysis about each one.

Deep DAO’s vision

As DAOs become more and more popular, and manage larger amounts of money there is clearly a need for DAO analytics. We outline our vision in our Intro post. We believe that our service is valuable both to the Ethereum ecosystem, and the DAO and DeFi ecosystems in particular. Our product is becoming a go to for an increasing number of people who need quantifiable data in the DAO space. It is also getting quite a bit of attention from industry influencers and our rankings reports are getting many shares, and generate discussion about the whole DAO space and its governance.

Current Status

Deep DAO is currently featuring Moloch DAOs, DAOstack’s, and The LAO. Data on each of our DAOs include financial holdings, flow of assets in and out of the DAO, tracking of members, proposals, participation in creating proposals and voting, including winning percentages for each member, DAO indices (Gini, Banzhaf, and Herfindahl Hirschman) and voting coalitions.

Purpose of this Grant

To continue developing our service. The following items are on our development board:

  1. Add more DAOs, including those created by all major platforms, and those created for specific needs such as Maker, Nexus Mutual, and The LAO.

  2. Add all token assets to DAO financial holdings, and normalize to fiat and ETH.

  3. Add daily updates, and real time when relevant.

  4. Add a Compare DAOs feature. People are already comparing DAOs before choosing which one to join or invest in, and our analysis would be invaluable for them. Please see an example for such comparison in our Intro piece.

  5. Design and implement an API, allowing our users to get analyzed data directly in a json format.

  6. Deeper analysis of economic and voting indices as they are relevant to DAOs and their power structure. Develop a decentralization score based on multiple metrics.

  7. Improve UX/UI, including the addition of a DAO Member screen, and a DAO Proposal screen.

Grant funding details

Total shares requested 25$ - ## WETH on DD/MM/YY

Milestone Development work Amount
A Items 1, 2 and 3 above 8k USD
B Items 4 and 5 above 8k USD
C Items 6, 7 and 8 above 9k USD

Timeline for completion

6 months.

Document available for comments

Hello @Eithcowich, this seems like a cool project, but at the moment, Moloch DAO is not funding DAO tools or directories.