MGP: Ethereum Cat Herders

Since January 2019, ECH has coordinated EIPs for network upgrades, pre and post communication needed for successful deployment of network upgrades, community consensus gathering, community funding, note-taking for community calls in Ethereum, and many other non-development tasks. These activities add value to the Ethereum ecosystem in different ways, like

  • Meetings Transcripts Availability: It provides transparency for the calls by making a full transcript available alongside the live stream. They include a summary of the key decisions and action items. This helps the community stay up to date with the decisions taken in these calls without investing hours listening to their entirety. Here are some examples: Eth1, Eth2, EIPIP.
  • EIPIP Meetings : Cat Herders in association with other EIP authors and editors are helping to discuss proposed changes to the EIP process, EIP update, design a path for continuous improvement, and other discussions around EIP. Notable outcomes of Q1-2020 are
  • Community Support
    • Support provided to create Community page at
    • Provide support with notes taking in events coordinated by Ethereum Magician.

Up till now, the ECH has been funded by

  • a grant by Moloch DAO,
  • donations from Gitcoin & Aragon (one-time contribution), and
  • some funding from the EF.

But, now we are currently running low.

The Cat Herders would need the following amounts to fund:

  • $15k to fund note-taking activities across Eth 1.0, 1.x, 2.0, and other community (i.e. ECH, EIPIP) meetings for 1 year.
  • $15k to pay the Herder-in-Chief (for a quarter) and miscellaneous expenses including our website hosting fees, Zoom account, mailing list fees, etc.
  • Total: 30,000 DAI (ECH expenses can be tracked here)

One of the biggest challenges faced by the group is accountability because most of the members contributing to the Cat Herders are volunteers and support in their own time. To overcome the struggle with finding people who have the time to oversee complex asks from the community, the role of Herder-in-Chief originated.

This thread is meant to kick off the conversation about a Moloch Grant Proposal to have the Ethereum Foundation and MolochDAO jointly donate to support the Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) to fund bounties for notetakers for the meeting, fund the salary of a Herder-in-Chief and cover some yearly technical expenses.

Additional resources:

Shameless plug for anyone reading who wants to make a one-off donation, the Cat Herder’s multisig is 0x68085e7f88e90fa9247489c83fab30b177ebccb3