MGP: NutBerry - Off(r/l)oading Ethereum Transactions

Greetings Molochians :wave:

I’m proposing a moloch grant to sustain development for the NutBerry project those goal it is to support
stateful arbitray smart contracts in a state-minimized or LEVM (Lean Ethereum Virtual Machine) in a permissionless layer-2 side-chain.

The design is similiar to what we generally call optimistic rollups and has intentionally the same transaction encoding
and signing scheme as Ethereum transactions to be one-to-one compatible with the existing ecosystem & tools.

At the moment, NutBerry already supports verifying transactions by a truebit-like verification game and plans
to switch to a Gated Computing model
as the next step before it generally supports arbitray contracts on L2 :grinning:.

As I’m currently working on this out of my own pockets, I’m looking for sponsors to sustain the further development of a
usable and permissionless sidechain for dApp developers.

NutBerry is especially interesting for dApp developers as it gives developers an easy and fast way to collect and submit transactions from
users. It also removes the burden of educating dApp users about gas prices and confirmation times in the usual app-flow everywhere.
This makes up for a much better user experience in the dApp space. Only a single view there users have to deposit and withdraw their
tokens from & back to the root-chain are going to be needed. I plan to built a little game in the future to demonstrate the advantages.

Ask me anything and thanks in advance for feedback :muscle: