MGP: Odyssy to further Moloch toward a composable dao framework

The Brief

Odyssy, the team behind DAOHaus (launcher of Molochs) & Pokemol (frontends for Molochs) have now brought these two closer together, with anyone who summons a Moloch on DAOHaus now getting an interface automatically, so they can submit proposals and get coordinating immediately. This proposal seeks funding to grant the Odyssy team $15,000 (150 shares @ current ~$100 shareValue) to build on this progress, toward a full-fledged framework of composable Molochs for to fit various real-world use-cases as well as tighten up the DAO user experience throughout.

Scope of Work (TLDR)

We’ve set our next major milestone for EthDenver 2020 and will be going much further down this path toward a composable DAO framework. Aware of Moloch V2 and all the use-cases it subsequently enables, the bulk of this work will be on the Moloch V2 side. In so doing, we will be building DAOHaus into a framework that allows users to compose their own Moloch out of many 'blocks’ to fit their use-case, such as V1/V2 contract sets, Legal contracts, and many other possible elements as well as automatically configuring and launching their frontend to match.

While this work is generalized to help all current and future DAOs, Moloch itself receives a huge frontend update in the process as well as marking a huge milestone in Moloch growing into its own framework.

The Ask

Funds: $15k
ETA: Feb 14, 2020 (EthDenver)

For more details and specs, view on Dropbox Paper =>