MGP: The Eth2 Book [Release #1]

Hello! I submitted an MGP last week for work related to the first release of The Eth2 Book. It seems like voting is currently leaning towards a “no” vote, so I figured it’d be best to create a post here for feedback before trying again.

The following project overview is duplicated from the MGP (full text available at

Project Overview

Eth2 documentation and technical knowledge is, currently, spread thinly across various corners of the internet. Existing resources are often difficult to discover via simple searches. Some attempts have been made to collect links to resources within research “indices,” but these projects often go neglected after only a short period of time. More accessible documents tend to fall into the extremes of overly-technical or overly-simplistic writing.

The Eth2 Book is an extensive, free, and open-source educational resource that aims to tackle these issues and, as a result, become the go-to location for anyone looking to understand Eth2 in depth. By collecting, parsing, and presenting Eth2 knowledge under a single (digital) roof with a consistent written voice, The Eth2 Book will vastly simplify the on-boarding process for potential new Eth2 contributors.

The Eth2 Book attempts to demystify Eth2 and blockchain fundamentals in general by constructing concepts from the ground up. We revisit the building blocks of consensus mechanisms to strengthen the reader’s core understanding of blockchain systems. This approach is intended to make the work accessible to individuals with varying levels of background knowledge. The Eth2 Book ultimately aims to provide a detailed, complete, and entertaining exploration of Eth2.

Current (unedited) drafts for Release #1 can be found on our staging site (

Thank you for reading through this! Any sort of feedback on the project or the proposal would be much appreciated.