Moloch Membership: How to Summon New Members

Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch who needs more members!

To become a member of MolochDAO you can:

1) Submit a Membership Proposal
2) Work on a Moloch Grant Proposal

All proposals must be submitted by existing members.

Membership Proposal: Summon New Members

You can become a member by committing tribute (donation) to the Guild Bank, that is redeemable for voting shares in the DAO. Voting shares allow you to participate in governance over grant distribution.

The guiding ratio for tribute is 1 ETH : 1 voting share and a general expectation of 100 ETH tribute, although there have been exceptions (it all comes down to voting!)

New members must fill out a brief questionnaire in a dropbox, google doc or IPFS Pad.

Proposals must answer:

  1. How can you contribute to Moloch?
  2. What kinds of projects do you want to see get funded?
  3. What have you worked on in the Ethereum space?
  4. Name one project you like and one you dislike, provide reasons for both.
  5. What excites you about ethereum? Moloch?

Once you’ve created a proposal, find a Moloch member interested in sponsoring your application.

Follow the steps in the Moloch Summoning Guide to submit a membership proposal.

Note: both the proposer and the applicant (new member) must lock up 10 wETH for the proposal submission/voting process. The 10 wETH will be returned when the voting period is over.

Moloch Grant Proposal: Contribute and Become a Member

You can also become a member by contributing work towards a grant proposal.

If your Moloch Grant Proposal passes, you’ll receive Moloch voting shares equal to the value of the requested grant. Successful grant applicants become members of Moloch until withdraw or ragequit their shares (eg. if an applicant wants to cash-out on the grant to get paid for work).

If you don’t have a proposal you’d like to submit, you can respond to a Moloch Grant RFP to contribute and become a member.

All proposals must be sponsored and submitted by an existing member.
Follow the steps on How to Create a Moloch Grant Proposal to become a member by contributing.