Moloch Wishlist

Add to the Moloch Wishlist

Moloch wants to know what you think needs funding to accelerate Ethereum development!

Suggest projects for Moloch to fund, based on relevance, impact and financial need by:

  • Replying to this thread with projects that are on your wishlist and need funding
  • Posting an RFP topic to find a team to implement a spec or well-defined project

Use this thread to discuss proposal ideas in their early-stages, gain feedback and sentiment. This will help Moloch members gain insight into high-priority projects that can lead to RFPs and members sponsoring grant proposals.

Check out How to Create a Moloch Grant Proposal once you’re ready to draft a proposal.

Ye Ole Moloch Grant Proposals of Yore

Past Moloch Grant Proposals (MGPs) have focused on ETH2.0, layer 2 scalability and community initiatives; check out past proposals. Examples include:

  • $50K+ to ETH2.0 development and project management support by Matt Slipper and Antoine Toulme

  • $30K for Chainsafe’s Lodestar client, to prioritize light client research, in-browser tooling & ETH1.x migration plans

  • $20K to BlockX to build a web UI for Argent’s Hopper mixer to facilitate private transactions on Ethereum

  • $3K for the Application Alliance to host 2-3 community career fairs to promote development and usage of Ethereum

  • and more…

…but Moloch is whatever its members want it to be. Proposals for high-impact efforts such as necessary layer 1 and layer 2 infrastructure, research efforts or Ethereum evangelism are welcome.