Questions for creating a Deep Dao analytics explorer


I’m working to add Moloch to Deep Dao ( and I’m using the graph explorer hosted here. I need to clarify a few things about the DAO and how exactly does it work, and I hope you guys can answer a few questions.

  1. What’s the Moloch contract address? I found the pool address, but not the main one.

  2. Just to clarify, the pool is added to when people contribute to it, but they don’t have voting power, right?

  3. The pool money can be accessed via successful proposals, just like the main bank? Or is there another mechanism?

  4. For creating a proposal I’m seeing the difference between the member, submitting on behalf of the applicant. Sometimes the members or applicants can be the same person, right?

  5. When looking at the actual data I saw that one address created some 80 proposals, either as member of applicant. Does this sound right? (it makes sense that the community organizer would be the member submitting multiple proposals but I don’t want to guess here.)