Trojan DAO Moloch fork


Hello all,

We are launching the Trojan DAO, a Moloch DAO fork to coordinate funding for cultural work. It is itself a DAO as an artistic performance and intervention rather than seeking to become a cultural organization. Although the game-theoretical coordination and incentive alignement mechanisms of the Moloch will be very interesting to see play-out within the different interest groups in the cultural field.

We are starting from Athens, Greece: where after years of debt crisis, most conventional art institutions are bancrupt, capital controls put severe restrictions on fiat flows, and most of us artists and curators work in the field of the commons, by sharing resources and collaborating rather than competing. With the Trojan DAO we wish to empower our practices, uplift ourselves and in the process create a new model for financialization in art and new bridges with patrons/the art world.

We wish to create a novel use-case, that will enable artists and other cultural workers with great ideas to be able to work together beyond borders, the expensive bureaucracy and the restrictions of the institutional frameworks!

We would like to receive feedback, discuss, iterate and improve our proposal, build out the team further, and hopefully submit the poroposal for the launch of the Trojan DAO to the Moloch DAO itself. The following proposal is a starting point: