What other DAOs does the Ethereum community need?

DAOs are beginning to prove themselves to be a fairly efficient means of coordinating and distributing funding in a collective manner.

  • Moloch DAO was created to help Ethereum succeed.
  • MetaCartel DAO was created to push experimentation on the application layer.
  • Yang DAO was created to help drive awareness around Andrew Yang’s campaign.
  • Orochi DAO was created to help coordinate Osaka Devcon side events.

What other DAOs can we launch to help Ethereum succeed?

Some ideas:

  • scalability
  • interoperability
  • marketing
  • dev tooling
  • documentation
  • libp2p / networking
  • education

If you agree with any of the above or have an idea, I would love to hear your thoughts on…

  • What DAO should we launch?
  • Why do we need it and how would it move the needle for the Ethereum community?
  • What existing coordination exists around it?
  • What are some of the work that can be funded more immediately around that specific domain?
  • Who are potentially some people willing to become the DAO’s initial summoner?

From Pedro Gomes of WalletConnect


WalletDAO - commoditize and share resources for wallet infrastructure

IdentityDAO - build tools and deploy identity solutions on wallets (depending on funding could be done by WalletDAO)

OnrampDAO - funding and managing decentralized on-ramp solutions to circumvent regulators

StateChannelsDAO - this could be called L2DAO but I would prefer to see it focused on funding State Channels only

ExplorersDAO - better blockchain explorers need to be developer and be commoditized so that we loose Etherscan monoploy

LightClientDAO - a few projects working on light clients but this could be speed up if we were on the same solution (needed to get rid of Infura)


Audit DAO - Essentially what Ameen did with Compound. Funding investigating and reporting protocol weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Legal / Lobby DAO - leverage the crypto legal community to help draft crypto favorable legislation at the state and federal level (USA) and worldwide. Fund political awareness campaigns. Legal definitions education for those looking to build STO’s or raise through an ICO, etc.


I would love to see efforts in the field of marketing. Since the crowdsale of ETH the focus was on finding developers and talent. 5 years later ETH has more developers than any other blockchain project, but if you look at the current state of DApps there aren’t any users.

The hype around ETH and other cryptocurrencies were mainly driven by speculation. Relying solely on future price increases will not drive more users to this ecosystem – consumer centric use cases and marketing campaigns will.

I would like to see more non-technical people use ETH and DApps.

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I would love to see a libp2pDAO with funds from EF, Web3F, and Protocol Labs to collectively make funding decisions for libp2p development grants.

@jamiis Audit DAO also seems like it could be interesting.

LobbyDAO discussion has already started here - https://t.me/lobbydao


Alright we’ve got Pedro Gomes as the summoner of the WalletDAO!

Taking applications for the MarketingDAO summoner!

I believe protocol labs is already in the process of launching a libp2p DAO for more or less this exact purpose.

Thanks! Just followed up with Raul from Protocol Labs about this.

Indies DAO
A cooperative for freelance knowledge workers built around an open source platform for pooling leads, resources & marketing efforts.

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Hey Ameen, I would like to apply for the MarketingDAO!

  1. Has professional marketing experience

I am head of our blockchain unit at a publicly traded marketing company (wpp.com).

  1. Leadership / coordination experience

As the head of our blockchain unit I have the experience in managing teams and people.

  1. Fundraising experience

I was working with family offices and at our new business department.

  1. Minimum 1-2 years in [#Ethereum]

Participated in the ETH crowdsale. In Jan 2015 I brought ETH (Stephan Tual) to the German Bundesbank. link

  1. Can handle some chaos

Before I went fulltime crypto in 2015 I worked as a digital image technician on filmsets - if there is no danger to life my pulse stays low.

“a MarketingDAO lead”

This terminology always got to me… the DAO doesn’t want a lead… but it needs a person to take a special role… that role in general has a few specific tasks associated with it…

  1. Cat herding
  2. Being a reliable 2-way contact point to the outside world
  3. Paying attention to what the DAO wants.

In the Commons Stack we settled on the term Steward… but honestly that sounds a little lame, and still has a bit of a “central point of failure” vibe to it

I think a better term for it is a Mahout.

Mahout’s are to an Elephant what this person needs to be for a DAO… yes the Mahout in some ways looks like it’s leading the Elephant… and in many ways it is… but no one would ever think the Mahout is in control… clearly the Elephant does what it wants when it wants, and the Mahout can only hope that because of the trusting relationship they have built, they will have some influence in steering the Elephant in a
direction they want to go.

If the Mahout pissed the elephant off… they will get squashed.

When it comes to education, I propose a Language DAO. I am a Chinese ethereum fan and have translated some articles about Ethereum.But I find it’s distributed .I mean there are so many medias and individuals translating articles about Ethereum in China and what I know that has translated articles about Ethereum including Ethfans.org,Unitimes,RealSatoshi,ChainNews,Orange Book and WuYa community. I mean the information is hard to foucse on . I think if we build a Language DAO and gether them together, it sounds very promising.
First, it can impove the efficiency and reduce some replicated work.
Second, people can find a platform to learn Ethereum rather go to different media.
Third, it is easy to coordinate.For example some people are good at find original articles and some others are good at translating and some others are good at broadcasting.

@tianqi What is your telegram or wechat?

Hi everyone. New guy here. I was just wondering, wouldn’t it be interesting to incetivize research on decentralized applications that solved problems currently being poorly solved by government institutions?

Maybe this is already happening so please feel free to educate me at any time.

Hi Bonnie newbie2 here may I suggest: or providing social networking platforms with real voting attached so people can make the decisions about their government. Democracydao.
We don’t need a technological answer, as ever, we need tools, it’s people that matter and, more importantly, count.
We have a vast distributed network that almost everyone uses on a daily basis across the many platforms now available. You can buy a movie ticket and candy with nothing more than a ring.
Your bank.
Use real money as the conduit to carry the decision to Democracydao and have the cashflow to pay real people the good money they deserve for making great conversation and decision making possible.
Protected by law, paid for with fees, it’s your “cost of freedom” 55c a time to make the choices we need to make.
Personaldao, the mesh of personal server / bitcruncher / router / modem appliance permanently connected via VPN (network permitting) with your personal phone / device as control panel, NFC personal item key and a living human. A Hardware based nodal expression of the Molloch suited to the life of the casual grazers who care not how it happens, just that it does, when they want to or when the herd gets stampeded. Source of communal processing power, storage and income / expense
Good night all, nice to have found this place.